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Pepino de mar (Patallus mollis) ancoco

Pepino de mar (Patallus mollis) ancoco

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Peru, Lima
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 English name: Sea Cucumber

Scientific Name: Patallus Mollis

Sea cucumber

The sea cucumber, originating in Peru, is cylindrical in shape and elongated like that of a cucumber, its name implies, they belong to the group of echinoderms, which includes the stars and sea urchins.

 they feed on algae and others, therefore, keeping the organic matter in the soil clean is necessary for a good conservation Nutritional information of the black sea cucumber:

 For every 100 grams

 Energy: (Cal) 138

 Proteins: (g) 20.6

Fat: (g) 6

 Iron: (MG) 1

Magnesium: (MG) 28

Iodine: (MG)

 B2 Riboflavin: (MG)

B3 O Niacin: (MG) 7.6

B90 Folk Acid: 8.7

Vitamin A: (MG) 31.9

Vitamin D: (MG) 7

B12 cyanocobalamin: (MG) 1.9

 Vitamin: B1

Vitamin C

Omega 3

Omega: 6

 Sea cucumber and its use:

Sea cucumber is used in various ways such as:

1. Consumption

 2. Medicine against pain and muscle pain

3. Aphrodisiac, natural stimulant

 4. Against stomach and / or respiratory ailments

 5. Elimination of bacteria, fungi and even cancer tumors, in addition to its power against pain being superior to that of morphine.

Process of dry sea cucumber:

1. - They are caught alive and fresh

 2. - Desviscerado and Cleaning

3. - Cooking with Salt

4. - Soaked with Salt for 12 hours

5. - Skin and Muscle Cut (Side cut and

 cleaning all the bowels)

 6. - Cooking without salt

7. - Sun - dried for 7 days or by Heat Ovens

8. - Selection of Products

 9. - Packaging and Labeling in double 25 Kg polypropylene bags.

 Sizes and Percentages per Lot

Large: 6.0 cm or more …………… (40% )

Medium: 4.0 cm to 6.0 cm …… (60% ). 

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Pepino de mar (Patallus mollis) ancoco
Pepino de mar (Patallus mollis) ancoco
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