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Lucuma powder organic

Lucuma powder organic

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The dehydrated lucuma powder is obtained by organic processes. The fruits are subjected to washing, disinfecting, pulping , separation of seeds , spraying and packaging.

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Lucuma obovata

PART USED: pulp Fruit 


Today we know that the lucuma has lots of niacin, carotene, iron and fiber, essential for the proper functioning of the body. Although few recognize it one of the most natural and effective antidotes against depression, due to their high content of niacin, substance known as vitamin B3, useful in the metabolism of proteins and in the production process of the body's energy, lúcuma intake stimulates the proper functioning of the nervous system and acts as an energizer extraordinary.

Niacin is present in large quantities in this species, helps to reduce the level of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, so it is of vital importance for the treatment of numerous diseases, especially obesity and cardiovascular ailments. Carotene acts as an antioxidant, reducing the effects of aging, counteracts eye diseases such as cataracts and vision loss by degeneration of the retina. Prevents prostate cancer and greatly reduces the chances of heart attacks, while increasing the effectiveness of our immune system. And all this in the lucuma.

Meanwhile iron, also present in significant proportions in this unique species is a prerequisite for the human body within the group of mineral element. Without sufficient iron, our body becomes slow because one of its most important functions would be affected : oxidizing glucose to convert it into energy .


- NOP and EU Organic certifications


First use polyethylene packaging 14"x19x4 (5 kg. Bag). First use polyethylene packaging 18"x26x4 (10 kg. Bag). Second packaging 20 kg. corrugated carton.

Lucuma composition, determined on the basis of 100 grams of edible portion is:

Elements Composition

Water 72.3 %

Proteins 1.5 %

Carbohydrates 25.0 %

Fibre 1.3 %

Mesh 0.7 mgr

Calcium 16.0 mgr

Phosphor 26.0 mgr

Iron 0.4 mgr

Carotene 2.30 mgr

Tiamine 0.01 mgr

Riboflavin 0.14 mgr

Niacin 1.96 mgr

Absorbic acid 2.20 mgr

Technical Specifications

Appearance Homogeneous fine powder

Color Yellow / Pale Orange

Taste Sweet feature

Humidity Maximum 10%

Grit 100 Mesh

Solubility Approx. 60%


N. Enterobacteriaceae

N. Moulds

N. Bacillus cereus

Det. Salmon No

N. Yeast

Packing info

 Capacity 20 kg powder 


 Large 54 cm 

 High 20 cm 

 Width 36 cm 

  1.  Weight 20.9 kg
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Lucuma powder organic
Lucuma powder organic
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