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The night before of your trek there will be a briefing with your trekking guide at you hotel at 6.30 pm, In the morning we will pick you up with our private transportation with your guide will pick you from your hotel either in Cusco or Sacred Valley, if you are in Cusco we will pick you up at 5.00 am and if you are in the sacred Valley will depend of the location. Make sure you carry your original passport and ISIC card if applicable. Our journey from Cusco to Km 82 / Piskacucho takes approximately 3 hours, beautiful views of the Sacred Valley, the Urubamba River, Andean towns, and the Inca town of Ollantaytambo. Along the way, we will stop to stretch our legs, use the bathroom, and enjoy a small breakfast, before continuing on to Km 82 / Piskacucho (2,600 m / 8,528 ft) start of the Inca Trail trek. There we will meet our camp crew and porters who will carry our belongings during our 26-mile hike (42 Km). Passports in hand, We clear the official Inca Trail check point, cross a suspension footbridge across the Urubamba River, and begin our trek with a gentle climb. We have three hours on relatively level terrain as we follow the course of the river, rewarded with superb views of Mount Veronica (5,900 metres / 19,000 feet). The easy walk passes through a forest of giant cactus and native bushes. At Miskay we take the trail to the right, descending gradually to Llactapata (Terrace town). where we will have lunch / Novo Andino style. The terracing system was used during Inca times for growing maize, a prestige crop that needed irrigation in the dry highlands. After a short rest, Our path is adorned with native flowers and bromeliads growing in the boulders along the left side, and by majestic views of the mountains in both valleys. Walking times are always approximate, depending on weather conditions, group ability and other factors. After lunch, another 4-5 hours will bring us to the village of Wayllabamba (3,100 m /10,1370 ft), You will be rewarded with a Macho Tea hot drink and a Dinners / Novo Andino style will be offered. Guides will present our plans for the next great day. Inca Trail / UNESCO.

Inca Trail: Meals: Lunch and Dinner - Accommodation: Camping
Approximate Walking Time: 5-6 hours / Descent & Ascent


You will be woken by our porters with a nice hot cup of coca tea at 6.00 am. You will have about 45 minutes to get ready and at 7.00 you will have a very nutritious breakfast. Hiking will begin around 8.00 am. We will start our walk from camp to Yuncachimpa (3,300 m / 10,824 ft) first, it takes around 1 hour followed by a soft uphill climb through woods and along a stream. Today is our great challenge day but with plenty of time to enjoy, it is the biggest climb of our hike, strenuous because you gain 1,200 meters in elevation planned in 2 stages, but it is rewarded with spectacular views up the mountain, partly it is an old inca Stone steps, surrounding with impressive snow-covered peaks as (Apu Huayanay in our back). You will take 2-3 hour hike with several stops to catch your breath to reach the lunch place at Llulluchapampa Valley with expectacular views around, along the trail, we ascend steeply uphill through the Corralpunku Valley to the Llulluchapampa Zone, where you can see some species of birds, withith luck we will see tinny hummingbirds, falcons and black-chested buzzard eagles or perhaps we see the king of the andean heights the Condor, so respected and venerated at andean towns. We will soon enter into a beautiful cloud forest, or polylepis woodland (Qeuñas and Chachacomos small andean trees) and the treeless grasslands of the puna región, habitad of tarucas and pumas. From here, you can see the highest mountain ahead called dead woman´s pass. At Llulluchapampa our camp crew will be waiting for us with a delicious Peruvian lunch / Novo Andino style. After lunch there is a time to rest maybe a short nap. After lunch we continue our hike for another 2-3 hours -600 meter ascent up to the top of the mountain, Warmiwañusca mt. (Dead Woman’s Pass) located at 4,200 meter /13,776 feet. Here you will discover a special feelings at this top maybe the sacrality of this point or just you coping with lack of oxygen in your brain. The path still climbs along a large number of steps, some of them newly laid to protect the mountain from erosion. You can walk at your own pace, stopping to catch your breath whenever you like. This last hard climb brings us to Dead Woman’s Pass… you made it !!! Once the full group reaches this pass, we take a short rest break before beginning a steep descent into the Paqaymayu (3.500 m - 12,464 ft) Valley for 2-3 hrs approx to reach our camp for tonight. This site has an incredible view over a valley, nearby waterfall and snow-covered peaks. You will find that your energy returns as we proceed along this downhill segment. Camping set, Tea time and Dinner / Novo Andino style. You are free to walk in you own pace. This campsite is popular with tour groups and although facilities here are reasonable good, with two toilets blocks. No showers, hot water buckets are offered for washing. Inca Trail / UNESCO.

Inca Trail: Meals:Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner - Accommodation: Camping
Approximate Walking Time: 6-7 hours / Ascent up: 900 m


Again, your porters will wake you up with a hot cup of tea and you will have enough time to pack your stuff. After breakfast, around 7:00 am. The path climbs very steeply from Paqaymayu camp in a well preserved paved path – Inca Trail and takes 1 hour to the Runkurakay archaeological complex, a circular structure with a rectangular outbuildings perched on the edge of the valley, an old Inca -tambo where chaskis rested, guard post, lookout point or a ritual building, the site is best viewed from higher up the path. The second pass (3,950 m / 12,956 ft) called as well as Abra de Runkurakay, is another hour up, beyond a series of false summits and at the top of a series of steep staircases. Just before the real pass, the path winds between two tarns where Andean gulls sometimes gather. The second pass is another broad saddle, boasting excentional views, in clear weather, you can look back to the Dead Woman’s Pass (4,200 m) and forward to a breath-taking sweep of snow-capped peaks. These include the 6,000-meters Pumasillo (Puma’s Claw) massif. From here, most of the trail is downhill. Having descended through a short tunnel the trail begins a series of tight switchbacks, dropping height quickly until it reaches a small viewpoint atop a promontory. Beyond here descend is more gradual and the path curls and coils across the slopes. To the right on the pass lies a large, algae-covered lake, whilst ahead of you Sayacmarca Inca town is visible. Time to explore, learn interesting lectures from your guides, after on we continue descending and the path bring us to Chaquiqocha (3,680 m / 12,073 ft) nice camp where we stop to rest and lunch / Novo Andino style. There are toilet facilities. From here after lunch the hike is exceptionally beautiful because we will pass the Phuyupatamarca archaeological complex, then we descend to Wiñaywayna and Intipata, and enjoy dramatic vistas of the Aobamba Valley. This stretch of the trail is of well-kept paved stone, still in great condition after many centuries. Your lungs will appreciate the fact that today’s hike is much more down than up, and significantly shorter than yesterday’s. In getting to Phuyupatamarca (the Town of the Clouds), we will pass through the first of two short, natural tunnels in the mountains. After visiting this site, we will descend about 2,000 stone steps to the Wiñaywayna archaeological complex. If you have not had any knee problems up to this point, you may after this descent. If you have had prior knee injuries, we recommend hire a porter for your belongings, use trekking poles to relieve some of the stress on your joints. There is an additional short hike to Intipata another imponent Inca site with farming terraces before we get to our camp site for the night. Around 5 pm, we will arrive to our camp at Wiñaywayna (2,700 m / 8,856 ft), once set in our tents and before it get dark we hike for 5 minutes to have an espectacular views and a tour around this site, the most preserved and biggest Inca site among the other sites on Inca Trail. There will also be many more trekkers gathering here in this camp, ready for the final hike into Machu Picchu tomorrow. We therefore recommend taking extra care of your personal belongings here. Keep an eye on your daypacks and don’t leave anything outside your tent at night. Tea time and Dinner Novo Andino style. Please note that the hostel that for decades existed here is closed. Cold showers, no drinks and basic toilets. Inca Trail / UNESCO.

Inca Trail: Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner   - Accommodation: Camping
Approximate Walking Time: 6-7 hours / Descent : 690 m


Orchids and hummingbirds are a common sight along this stretch of the Inca Trail, and the Urubamba river is a constant presence far below us. From Wiñaywayna we'll continue to Intipunku, or the Sun Gate, from where we will see Machu Picchu for the first time stretched out below on a rocky outcropping. Overhead you'll find the peak known as Wayna Picchu. From here, we need only stroll down the final stretch of the royal highway and enter at last the enigmatic citadel, which lay hidden for four centuries before being revealed to the world by chance discovery.
Guided excursion of Machu Picchu (UNESCO) and in the afternoon, we'll return to Cusco by train, arriving in the evening. More info...

Meals: Breakfast

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