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Buy Isotodesnitazene / isotonitazene for sale
Isotodesnitazene / isotonitazene for sale

Isotodesnitazene / isotonitazene for sale

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Product Description

Chategorised as a citric acid or ester, the Isotodesnitazene chemical is well known as a substance used to lesser and sometimes eradicate severe pain. It falls within the chategory of opiods and its one of the products recommended for research and forensic applications. For this product to be purchased and used it is important for you to consult an expert with knowlege on the substance. On our website our specialists can offer a free consultation for you if required. It is also important for the drug to be of premium quality before use. Given the fact that this chemical is sold just online at the moment our blog will be one of the most reliable sources where you can have access to Isotodesnitazene.

You can get this substance with us at WANG TRADING CO. , LIMITED, we supply just the best pure raw research chemicals with purity of 99.9% + . At WANGS Chems we specialise in pharmaceutical intermediates, organic solvents, plant extracts and much more etc


Technical Information

Molecular Formula : C23H31N3O • C6H8O7

Formula Weight : 557.6

Purity : ≥99%



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Isotodesnitazene / isotonitazene for sale
Isotodesnitazene  /  isotonitazene for sale
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